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6), Entertainment Tonight- May 20, 1987 (most), Entertainment Tonight- May 21, 1987 (most), The Oprah Winfrey Show- October 29, 1993 (most), The Joker's Wild (September 1982) Richard vs. Terry, This Week In Country Music (August 11, 1984), The Young & The Restless- October 15, 1990 (partial), Entertainment This Week- April 4, 1987 (partial), Entertainment Tonight April 3, 1987 (partial) (convert Video, Entertainment Tonight- April 2, 1987 (partial), The Jerry Springer Show (October 21, 1996), The Mike Douglas Show- September 30, 1980 (partial), Entertainment Tonight- April 20, 1987 (partial), Entertainment This Week- April 18, 1987 (partial), Entertainment Tonight- April 16, 1987 (partial), The Young & The Restless- November 4, 1992 (partial), The Oprah Winfrey Show (October 17, 1991), Entertainment Tonight (September 28, 1983), Entertainment This Week- September 20, 1986 (most), Chain Reaction- February 11, 1980 (Sharon vs. Eva), Entertainment Tonight- May 6, 1987 (most), Entertainment Tonight- May 5, 1987 (most), Entertainment Tonight- May 4, 1987 (most), Entertainment This Week- May 2, 1987 (most), The Young & The Restless- September 24, 1992 (partial), NFL preseason: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Bears- August 31, 1987 (Various excerpts), The Extremists- September 19, 1993 (partial), Entertainment Tonight- March 6, 1987 (partial), Entertainment Tonight- March 4, 1987 (partial), Jeopardy!- May 22, 1987 (Seniors Tournament Final, pt. Earl Thomas Conley's record setting album, Mickey Gilley, Don Williams "I Believe In You", Barbara Mandrell preparing her upcoming Christmas album, and Kathy Mattea's first ever music video, along with a countdown of this week's top ten singles are today's top news stories on TNN's This Week In Country Music with Charlie Chase and Lorianne Crook. 's first week of Season 4. Then, Drucilla was stunned to her that her mom, Lillie, said that she wished Drucilla was ill... From Solider Field in Chicago, the defending champions scrimmage against the St. Louis Cardinals in a Monday Night Football exhibition on ABC. The Jets begin their preseason against the defending champs at the Meadowlands, as Washington looks to get their first win of the exhibition season following a tough less in Orlando to the Dolphins the previous week. Also, Jim Bakker and his wife Tammy Faye offered a spot on FOX's Late Show, the final episode of David Brenner's Nightlife, Geraldo Rivera's opinion on the Elvis book "Are You Lonesome Tonight? extras. A candid interview with NBA superstar Michael Jordan is today's guest, featuring the important question about his decision to retire from the NBA. Production delays and a lack of chemistry with the cast doomed this series after a single season.
Today's acts, beginning with The Tapping Tomato, will be judged by Pam Matteson, George Wallace, and Dweezil Zappa to see if they deserved to be gonged today on The Gong Show with Don Bleu. We continue with the opening episode of the second week of Jeopardy! sports edition, 2nd place: a trip to Carmel Valley Ranch resort and his and her Fox tennis rackets and bags+Jeopardy! Jackie DeShannon are Jay and the Americans today's special guests. Two Hits And A Miss kicks off the cavalcade. author co-wrote the libretto for the 1-act opera "Bartleby", He established Georgia as a colony for English debtors, The Dutch gave us the word landscape & this wooden frame to support an artist's landscape painting, In 1838 this poet & her family moved to 50 Wimpole Street, In 1831 Michael Faraday converted magnetism into this & "shocked" the scientific community, The town of Assisi is located on the slopes of Monte Subasio in this mountain range, Benjamin Britten's opera's "The Turn of the Screw" & "Owen Wingrave" are adapted from this author's works, In 1565 the Spanish destroyed the French Fort Caroline & built this settlement in what's now Florida, I love to go a-wandering along the mountain trail with one of these on my back, This author of "A Child's Christmas in Wales" began writing poetry as a child in Wales, The Royal Society had no interest in publishing his 1798 paper on cowpox vaccinations, The Isthmus of Perekop connects this peninsula to the mainland of Ukraine, Part of this Verdi opera is set at the Temple of Vulcan in Memphis, The colony of New Netherland was renamed for the duke of this, Gurk is a Dutch word for this vegetable; hence, our word gherkin, Born in Highgate in 1812, he was nicknamed "Poet Laureate of the Limerick", 1 of 2 Republican senators who cast votes against the balanced budget amendment on March 2, 1995. Let's hope our final three Senior Tournament players are wise about their wagers today on Jeopardy!, since its a cumulative affair with tomorrow's episode to determine who will end up with a guaranteed $25,000. Here's another classic episode of Chain Reaction with Bill Cullen from January 1980, featuring the short-lived second Instant Reaction format where a player may still win thousands without winning the $10,000 grand prize. is an American television game show created by Merv Griffin.

Some brawling sisters revisit The Jerry Springer Show for today's show. Later, Eric Burns home video preview report, today's birthdays, People P.S., and we wrap things up with Candice Bergen in our Hollywood Memories segment. The first ever Jeopardy! Finally, Roman tried to stem Bo's rage at Kiriaki's public hypocrisy before trouble erupted. Round. 2), NFL Preseason: Washington Redskins vs. Miami Dolphins (August 1, 1992), The New $25,000 Pyramid (January 24, 1985), Jeopardy!- May 15, 1987 (Seniors Tournament quarterfinal match # 5), Jeopardy!- May 14, 1987 (Seniors Tournament Quarterfinal Match #4), The Rosie O' Donnell Show- July 26, 1996 (partial), Entertainment Tonight celebrity news gossip 80s. Tournament of Champions kicks off today  with this episode. One again from both the Miami area and Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight brings you the latest on the upcoming syndication version of American Bandstand, Elizabeth McGovern & Rob Reiner, a continuation of the Burt Reynolds interview, a movie preview of Gardens of Stone, "Star Moms", Connie Selleca with some health and fitness secrets, today's birthdays, and some People P.S.

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