how to use butane camping stove

However, the …

You should have your butane camping stove, 1-pound propane gas canister, connection hose, and the adapter. It will cause problems or an accident. Unfortunately, butane does not do well in colder temperatures. 2. The cons of using a butane stove: Just like propane stoves, butane stoves should be used in a well-ventilated area. Gas camping stoves use propane bottles or a propane canister, or some use dual fuel. The surface must be stable and level. Locate the latch stove and line it up with the divet on the canister. Simply take the cap off the can, lift the clip, gently place the canister in the slot, place the clip back over the can, lock it in place and close the lid to the compartment. 3. Open the Butane Cartridge Compartment 3. 4. Needless to say, if you’re missing an item or two, don’t try to use your camping stove. Close the Butane Cartridge Compartment and press down on the lock lever 5. Propane and butane both come from petroleum and are both highly combustible fuels. butane gas. Propane v.s. A popular Coleman portable butane stove utilizes this easy way of connecting the fuel source to the stove. An iso-butane mix is also available, but this is usually used for small and lightweight backpacking stoves. In addition, they should not be used to heat up a camper or trailer. Turn the dial clockwise until you hear a "click" Choose Set–up Area: You must have a suitable place where you assemble and use your butane stove. Camp stoves use two main types of gas fuel; propane and butane. Make sure the dial is in the off position.

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