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The Permaculture Association was established as a charity on 8 February 1983[3] and is registered in England[4] and Scotland.[5]. i.e. Small Scale – Intensive Systems start small and create a system that is manageable and produces a high yield. Disorder consumes energy to no useful end. Feel free to republish and share widely quoting our website and our authors. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Stacking – Multiple functions provided by each element and component (stacking functions). Law of Return – Whatever we take, we must return. Entelechy – Principal of genetic intelligence. : succession planting. pollutants, persistent poisons, radioactives, large areas of concrete and highways, sewers from city to sea, etc. Turn constraints into resources. We can use energy to construct these systems, providing that in their lifetime, they store or conserve more energy that we use to construct them or to maintain them. The Permaculture Association hosted the International Permaculture Convergence (IPC), London 2015.[11].

Diversity – As a general rule, as sustainable systems mature they become increasingly diverse in both space and time. Edge Effect – Ecotones are the most diverse and fertile area in a system. The Permaculture Association is a registered charity that promotes the theory and practice of permaculture in Britain and worldwide.

The rose has thorns to protect itself. SC041695", "Diploma in applied Permaculture Design | Permaculture Association", "Permaculture Association UK Annual Convergence",, Educational charities based in the United Kingdom, Horticultural organisations based in the United Kingdom, Wikipedia articles with possible conflicts of interest from December 2017, Articles lacking reliable references from December 2017, Pages using infobox organization with unknown parameters, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Sandy James: Chair, Andy Goldring: Chief Executive, New Barn Field Centre, Dorchester, Dorset. Permaculture is immagination intensive. Functional Relationship Between Components – Everything is connected to everything else. With over 500 apprentices and 40 tutors across Britain and overseas, you'll be part of a vibrant network that will help you put your permaculture theory into practice and develop a range of new skills. Community efficiency not self-sufficiency. How much of an element needs to be produced in order to fulfill the need of whole system? The Problem is the Solution – We are the problem, we are the solution. Every object must responsibly provide for its replacement. PPA is a non-profit organization focused on the holistic approach in the advancement of permaculture in the Philippines through education and publications, and its … The Permaculture Association organises a biennial national gathering of members, known as a convergence.[12]. Connect with the World Permaculture Association. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Planting Strategy (selection criteria) – 1st priority are proven native species, 2nd priority are proven exotic/non-native species, 3rd priority are unproven exotics/marginal species (the designed provision of microclimates could make them viable) – carefully on small scale with lots of observation. Every essential function should be supported by many components. The World Permaculture Association is dedicated to collaborating with a network of food producers, governments and community leaders to build local economies through the development of sustainable food and energy systems all over the world Except where otherwise noted and for all Guest Writers Posts and materials, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Energy is in surplus once the system itself has readily available access to the resources it needs for growth, reproduction, and maintenance. Principle of Cooperation – Cooperation, not competition, is the very basis of future survival and of existing life systems.

Thus, it is the sum and capacity of life forms which decide total system yield and surplus. The national convergence will next take place in September 2018. We can use energy to construct these systems, providing that in their lifetime, they store or conserve more energy than we use to construct them or to maintain them (EROEI>1). Thus they are “sustainable, as they sustain both themselves and those who construct them. Limits to Yield – The yield of a system is theoretically unlimited; the only limit on the number of possible/potential uses of a resource is the limit of available information and the imagination, comprehension, understanding, and ability of the designer or manager of the system. In Autumn 1982 a four day introduction to permaculture course was run in Blencarn, by Max Lindegger of Permaculture Nambour (Australia). Policy of Responsibility (to relinquish power & control) – The role of successful design is to create a self-managed system.

Principle of Disorder – Order and harmony produce energy for other uses. The Permaculture Institute is a global leader in the field. A little support goes a long way. Pollutants/Pollution – an output of any system component that is not being used productively by any other component of the system. What is important is the complexity of the functional relationships that exist between elements not the number of elements. Use and reserve biological intelligence.

Make the Least Change for the Greatest Effect – The less change that is generated, the less embedded energy is used to endow the system. Design backups. One Calorie In/One Calorie Out (Energy Returned Over Energy Invested or EROEI) – Do not consume or export more biomass than carbon fixed by the solar budget. Every Element is Supported by Many Functions/Functional Design – Each element and component we include in a system is chosen and placed so that it performs as many functions as possible. Harmony may be defined as the integration of chosen and natural functions – and the easy supply of essential needs. Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual (1988) by. Succession – Recognize that certain elements prepare the way for systems to support other elements in the future, i.e. The Permaculture Association is a registered charity[1] that promotes the theory and practice of permaculture in Britain and worldwide.

Stocking – Finding the balance of various elements to keep one from overpowering another over time. The charity is based at offices in Kirkstall, Leeds, England, but connects a diverse network of individuals and projects, with over 1,400 members and over 100 demonstration sites[2]. The systems we construct should last as long as possible and take least maintenance. There are regional networks: Permaculture Scotland and Paramaethu Cymru. These systems, fueled by the sun, should produce not only their own needs, but also the needs of those creating and managing them.
Local Focus – “Think globally – Act locally” Grow your own food, cooperate with neighbors. For over 20 years, we’ve trained the next environmental and social change makers in the life enhancing practice of Permaculture Design. Neatness, tidiness, uniformity, and straightness signify an energy-maintained disorder in natural systems. Except where otherwise noted and for all Guest Writers Posts and materials, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Placement Principle – If broad initial patterning is well analysed, and good placements made, many more advantages than we would have designed for become obvious – OR, if we start well, other good things naturally follow as an unplanned result. Relative Location – Components placed in a system are viewed relatively, not in isolation. Permaculture Principles by David Holmgren, How To Build A Rocket Stove In One Minute With 4 Blocks, The Rainmaker: Clothing the Naked Mountain, Destruction Of Habitat Creates The Perfect Conditions For Coronavirus To Emerge, On-line Communication To Scale Earth Repair Work, Mass Extinction Event Ignored by World Leaders & Media. Permaculture Scotland and Paramaethu Cymru have held gatherings of their own annually since 2014.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Welcome to the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design, a programme of the Permaculture Association.

Hold water and fertility as high (in elevation) on the landscape as possible – Utilise gravity to do the work for movement and dispersal. Natural systems demand a return for every gift received (“the user must pay”). Metastability – For a complex system to remain stable, there must be small pockets of disorder. Everything works both ways – Every resource is either an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on the use made of it. Multilevel/Scaffolded garden design, i.e., trellising, forest garden, vines, groundcovers, etc. [6] It "keeps a database listing hundreds of grassroots projects and educational organisations offering practical advice. Research - Permaculture International Research Network, Information For Action on Climate Change, Research Digest. Definition of System Yield – the sum total of surplus energy produced by, stored, conserved, reused, or converted by the design. Permaculture has been referred to as ‘Edge Culture’. water collection, fire protection) is served in two or more ways. Use Onsite Resources – Determine what resources are available and entering the system on their own and maximize their use. Every function (e.g. Mistakes are tools for learning. Events - The Permaculture Association will have a stall at the Oxford Real Farming Conference 2018. Feel free to republish and share widely quoting our website and our authors. As we add courses they'll be listed here. More About Permaculture Association . Forcing a design element to function is a different proposition than putting it in a position where its natural or everyday behaviours permit benefits to other parts of the system. We're helping educate, network, support and redesign all aspects of our daily lives to transform ourselves, our communities and our landscapes. Each function is supported by many elements. Abstract Components – timing, data, ethics. The Permaculture Association offers its members a range of services including discounts for events, opportunities to network, promotion and support of projects and a telephone helpline. The Design – the harmonious integration of landscape and people: Permaculture Principles by David Holmgren, Connect with the World Permaculture Association. Energy Components – technologies, connections, structures, sources. Energy Recycling – Yields from system designed to supply onsite needs and/or needs of local region.

Two ecosystems come together to form a third which has more diversity than either of the other two, i.e. Site Components – water, earth, landscape, climate, plants. Dispersal of Yield Over Time – As expressed by the principal of considering the impact of decisions made in the present on “seven generations” into the future. Everything Gardens – or has an effect on its environment.
The Role of Life in Yield – Living things, including people, are the only effective intervening systems to capture resources on Earth and, as a result, to produce a yield. Appropriate Technology – The same principles apply to cooking, lighting, transportation, heating, sewage treatment, water and other utilities. Principle of Stress and Harmony – Stress may be defined as either prevention of natural function, or of forced function.

Entropy – In complex systems, disorder is an increasing result. Work Within Nature – Aiding the natural (biogeochemical) cycles results in higher yield and less work.

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