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Keep it light! If you choose to design your dragster for speed, you must keep a few simple design principles in mind. Run on the same principle that propels rocket or jet powered land speed record vehicles. The first is AERODYNAMICS! CO2 Dragster Design and Construction Tips Designing a CO 2 Racer Before putting pencil to paper, consider these important points: • Follow the specifications given to you for the car.


You should try to design your dragster so the air can travel over and around it with ease. Generate Ideas. CO2 Car information Although CO2 cars are raced 2 at a time like fuel dragsters they ride differently. More info can be found in your design packets.

This company will be holding a contest for young innovative designers to create a CO2 dragster that will achieve the fastest time and best performance. CO2 "drag" cars are far more similar in design and principle to jet-powered land speed racers than they are a fuel car. Perhaps the biggest misconception behind CO2 dragster design is in the name itself. We'll cover this in a bit. A streamlined shape and selection of light material for construction are important factors taken into account. 2.

Because the dragster has parts moving against one another, friction is created. • What is most important to you: speed at any price, show-stopping good looks, or some combination of the two? CO 2 DRAGSTER DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION – Notes for Students Shell Cars – the wheels hidden inside the body EXAMPLES OF DRAGSTER SHAPES AND STYLES Rail Cars – the wheels outside the body Shell Reveal – the wheels inside body extension(s) Hybrids – mixing Rail and Shell 1. The process of designing a CO2 dragster is crucial in making it move faster. If you want to build the quickest and most aerodynamic CO2 dragster possible, than you need to figure out the best shape and design. Design Statement: Design a dragster vehicle to travel a distance of 20m in the fastest time possible using the power provided by a single standard CO2 cartridge. Round edges will allow the air to 3. • Do you want to focus on the car’s performance or appearance? HINT: To make your dragster fast, it must be aerodynamic and have very little wind resistance. Thrust: The gas escaping from the CO2 cartridge in the car. Explanation of the designing process should provide some idea about how to increase the speed of CO2 dragsters. This is the most important factor that will figure into your design. Friction: The second most important fact you'll face.

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